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Our Solutions Catalogue for Business is now out covering a braod range of IT Services for Business in pertnership with our preferred vendors. Areas of interest include:

IT Services on demand – troubleshooting, hardware, software, networks, servers, email & internet protection, internet security, data backup & recovery, Web hosting, mobile email & cloud services.

Internet Security & Protection – firewalls, malware protection, console internet security management, content filtering, internet bandwidth management, spam protection, vitual private networks, & hosted security

Backup & Disaster Recovery - on iste scheduled backup, real-time recovery backup, server backup, cloud backup, on site virtual server, managed backup, data & system restoration, data recovery, forensic data analysis.

Hardware & Accessory Solutions - servers, firwalls, switches, storage devices, leasing, hardware upgrades, power protection, uniterrupted power supplies, IP camera systems.

Managed IT Services - We manage your IT systems & networks on a proactive fixed price basis that means we are effectively your IT department.. Reducing your IT costs and preventing problems.

Cloud Computing – Microsoft hosted Exchange, hosted applications, Microsoft Sharepoint, hosted email archiving, hosted desktop, hosted virtual servers.

Broadband NBN - Hosted VoIP PABX, cloud computing, video conferencing, smartphones & tablest, virtual desktops, & video streaming.

CT Australia Solutions Catalogue

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